The Great Bike Industry Squeeze

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The Great Bike Industry Squeeze

The Delicate State of the Bike Industry…..

The cycling industry is currently experiencing extremely high demand along with reduced output in manufacturing. This is leading to supply chain problems with common parts. Current lead times are between 2 and 12 months.


At Grounds we hold stock and have access to multiple suppliers and are doing all we can to source essential parts and components.

Wherever possible we are trying to limit the impact this has but unfortunately some delay to our servicing is unavoidable.

Make Your Bike Safe

Where possible we will carry out priority work to make your bike safe, keep you riding and then book you back in for the full work once parts arrive.

Offering a Courtesy Bike

If you are booked for a full service, you may borrow one of our hire fleet as a courtesy bike – to keep you riding.

Prevention Rather than Cure

Our experienced mechanics may advise more frequent basic services or suggest replacing parts now while it’s possible and hopefully avoid you being without your bike if you waited until more parts were required.

Sourcing Big Brand Alternatives

Across our suppliers we may be able to obtain parts from other brands than those fitted to your bike. These will still be a good quality product and in the majority of cases the customer will notice little difference.

Advising on Upgrades

New wheels from Hunt? Going 1X? Time for tubeless?

Now might be the time to upgrade, speak to one of our staff about how you’d like to upgrade your bike.

There is always the cyclists answer – new bike. We have stock currently and deliveries are expected across this year. We will aid in recycling your old bike where necessary.

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