We Do Coffee Too!

Bike with Coffee Attachments

We Do Coffee Too!

“Grounds CC do Coffee too!”

A fun adaptation of the LA Field Guide’s 2021 MTBGB for coffee lovers.

Having fun with The LA Field Guide‘s exploration of the reinvention of the wheel (literally!), we have come up with this version of their 2021 Mountain Bike Marketed as a Gravel Bike, or MTBGB for short.  In these tough times, our version has been reengineered to ensure you can take your coffee stop exactly where you need it to be.  Take in beautiful views, tactfully placing your coffee stop at the top of the hill. No more takeaway for the owner of this MTBGB!
More seriously though, we want to make sure that you know that Grounds Cycle Centres are in fact very very serious about their coffee as well as their bikes.  Every Cycle Centre sits in or along side a Grounds Café – ready with their signature blend coffee, flapjacks, cakes or maybe a bacon sandwich. Our cafés without a Cycle Centre also take pride in welcoming cyclists of any discipline and any degree of abject muddiness!
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Original picture credits and inspiration to The LA Field Guide – please check them out for some brilliant alternative kit outs!

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